Ilona Ter-Minasian


International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Head of Office
Tel: (374 10) 585692

Since May, 2007 Ms. Ilona Ter-Minasyan has been employed by International Organization for Migration as Head of Office. She is responsible for timely and efficient implementation of ongoing IOM activities, development of new projects/programmes, covering all IOM services areas, particularly new and yet unexplored areas, as well as maintaining working relations with government and civil society counterparts, partners and other Migration Management stakeholders in Armenia.

Ms. Ilona Ter-Minasyan worked as Gender Adviser for UN Country Team. Her duties included provision of substantive conceptual, policy and operational inputs and support to national level activities with particular focus on the work carried out in Armenia on: engendering the PRSP, strengthening capacity of national stakeholders to actively prioritize, plan, and monitor implementation of government commitments to gender equality and women's human rights.

During her employment (2001-2006) with UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) as a Project Coordinator for regional peace programme Ms. Ter-Minasyan acquired technical knowledge and deep understanding of the rights of women, as well as developed links to the women's networks, organizations and activists that can contribute to the formulation and effective implementation of any programmes through gender lens. She worked closely with local Civil Society Organizations, activists, government and journalists to support advancement of gender equality, increased participation in decision-making and creation of the enabling environment in support of conflict prevention and peace building in the South Caucasus.

Ms. Ter-Minasyan has developed strong connections with NGOs in the region and strengthened ability to work with multicultural stakeholders, able to establish regular exchange between countries in the South Caucasus on good practices and lessons learned, support innovative region-wide capacity building initiatives, which will strengthen potential of NGO members, government and activists. Able to provide the technical guidance to GO and government partners in the implementation of the diverse, multiple-aspect activities, such as improved implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), engendering of Poverty Reduction Strategy, etc.

Ms. Ter-Minasyan has experience in developing Development Cooperation Report for 1998 for Armenia prepared by UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

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