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Achieve universal primary education. Ensuring that all children are able to complete primary education.

Armenia Context

Armenia has already ensured universal primary education for girls and boys alike, hence this goal has been nationalized to reflect the country's conditions and include, as priorities, not only primary, but also basic education (1-8 grades). In Armenia's context, access to secondary, secondary professional, professional graduate and postgraduate education is of special significance, as is the quality of education and its compliance with highest standards.

Nationalized MDG Targets and Indicators:

Target: Ensure that, by 2015, every child will be able to complete a full course of high quality basic schooling.


  • Net enrolment ratio in basic education

  • Annual state budget expenditure for education to GDP

  • Ratio of pupils and students possessing knowledge corresponding to the criteria set by the national and international education quality assessment system

  • Enrolment ratio of the poor population (relevant age group) in vocational education

  • Enrolment ratio of the poor population (relevant age group) in higher education

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