2013-05-07 | News
Photo exhibition "International Cultural Dialogue"

Photo exhibition "International Cultural Dialogue" which commemorates the World Intellectual Property Day and the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, was inaugurated today at the UN House in Armenia.

 The black and white photographs of the Armenian photographer and artist Tatev Mnatsakanyan, featuring the Armenian and Egyptian famous painters and sculptors, were exhibited. Her art attracted youth, artists, the international community, civil society activists, the media and the general public.

 The aim of the exhibition is to raise the public awareness about the distinguished artists who dedicated their life to the development of art and promotion of peace, tolerance and cultural diversity. Tatev Mnatsakanyan plans to involve those countries of Western Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada and Russia, which have large Armenian communities, which serve as the cultural bridge between nations.

 Maria Dotsenko, UN Department of Public Information Representative said: “Through Armenian art, its rich traditions, which developed its strengths and brightness on the crossroads of various civilizations, we wish to attract public attention to the promotion of cultural diversity, tolerance and dialogue among different nations. I believe that this exhibition exalting the esteemed artists empowers the next, young generation with creativity. The UN House doors are traditionally open to artists who use their creativity to promote UN values aimed to spread ideas of peace, cultural diversity, gender equality and sustainable development.”

 Highlighting this year’s theme “Creativity: the next generation”, Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization urged young people to dream big. “My message to the next generation is keep creating; keep innovating. And keep thinking about how Intellectual Property should fulfil its role in the future social management and protection of creativity and innovation.”

The photographer, Tatev Mnatsakanyan added: “I wish to further promote the beauty of Armenian art and its principles of tolerance and respect to diversity. Thanks to the UN I am able to share my works that were demonstrated earlier in the Armenian National Assembly and in Tashkent, Uzbekistan”.

 The exhibition will be displayed in UN House till the end of May.


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