2013-06-08 | News
FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture Opened a Pilot Farmers’ Market in Yerevan

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the RA Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of the FAO technical cooperation project “Development of open air food retail markets in Armenia” opened a pilot farmers market in Kentron administrative district of Yerevan. Representatives of the FAO, RA Ministry of Agriculture, Yerevan municipality and other stakeholders participated in the opening of the farmers’ market in Yerevan.

Since independence, both the level and type of retail activity in Armenia has shifted markedly across geographical areas, becoming more concentrated in the larger cities, and first of all in Yerevan. The existing quantity of products sold at these markets is usually much higher than their planned capacity and this creates difficulties with market management and food safety.  Fresh produce farmers from all regions of Armenia will benefit from the newly opened pilot farmers’ market, which will create favourable conditions for farmers to access the urban consumers and to improve their incomes. At the same time, it will enhance the competition and give an opportunity to the urban population to buy a greater variety of fresh produce at competitive prices

The project “Development of open air food retail markets in Armenia” was launched on 1 July 2012. The objective of the project is to help in creating enabling environment for efficient functioning of the farm produce marketing system and equitable farmers’ access to retail markets. In particular, the project will support establishment of the pilot farmers’ market operating in line with contemporary rules and practices used in that kind of markets. The project will also develop capacities of supporting institutions to provide relevant services and information for farmers’ participation in farmers’ markets.

Establishment of farmers’ market is in line with the main development priorities for agricultural sector development as specified in the RA 2010-2020 Sustainable Agriculture Development Strategy, with the main goal to increase the level of food security. Among others, the Strategy includes objectives related to market infrastructure development; enhancing the food security level; insuring the minimum level of food safety; increased competitiveness of locally produced farm products, and substitution of imported foodstuffs.

The newly opened farmers’ market will allow more than 170 farmers to sell their produce at the same time.

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