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World Book and Copyright Day marked at the UN Office in Armenia

Today the UN Department of Public Information Yerevan office brought together the representatives of 14 UN Corners and 2 Depository Libraries to jointly mark the World Book and Copyright Day.

The librarians and the library heads gathered to discuss the future multilateral cooperation options, joint initiatives, suggestions of further involvement in the UN public events, etc.

At the beginning, a photo slide show presented each UN Corner and Depository Library, with a brief description from the Representatives. UN Communications Group members joined the meeting to disseminate their respective agency’s publications and to address the questions raised by the librarians. The UN DPI, in its turn, presented the audience information on the Book and Copyright day, as well as disseminated handouts with links and general info on UN HQ electronic databases and the UN Armenia current Virtual Library.

The productive workshop ended with the suggestion to have periodic follow-up meetings in each UN Corner on a rotation basis. The meeting was concluded with a visit to the National Library, which hosts one of the two Depository Libraries in Armenia. This event completed the Republican Library Week events.



23 April was first proclaimed as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995. The Day is celebrated by a growing number of partners and since its launch has shown itself to be a great opportunity for reflection and information on a significant theme.

It is observed by millions of people in over 100 countries, in hundreds of voluntary organizations, schools, public bodies, professional groups and private businesses. In this lengthy period, World Book and Copyright Day has won over a considerable number of people from every continent and all cultural backgrounds to the cause of books and copyright. It has enabled them to discover, make the most of and explore in greater depth a multitude of aspects of the publishing world: books as vectors of values and knowledge, and depositories of the intangible heritage; books as windows onto the diversity of cultures and as tools for dialogue; books as sources of material wealth and copyright-protected works of creative artists. All of these aspects have been the subject of numerous awareness-raising and promotional initiatives that have had a genuine impact. There must nevertheless be no let-up in these efforts.

Since 2000, World Book and Copyright Day has inspired another initiative of professional organizations which receives the assistance of UNESCO and backing from States: World Book Capital City. Each year a city is chosen which undertakes to maintain, through its own initiatives, the impetus of the Day’s celebrations until 23 April of the following year. Almost all the regions of the world, in turn, have already been involved in this process, which thus transforms the celebration of books and copyright into a recurrent activity, extending still further the geographical and cultural influence of books.


World Book Capital City

Based on the positive experience of World Book and Copyright Day, launched in 1996, UNESCO initiated the concept of World Book Capital City and nominated Madrid as the Capital for Year 2001. Following this successful experience, the General Conference adopted, on 2 November 2001, the 31 C/Resolution 29, establishing the yearly nomination of the Book Capital City.

The International Publishers Associations (IPA-UIE), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Booksellers Federation (IBF) are associated to this initiative and are therefore represented with UNESCO in the nominating committee, so as to guarantee appropriate representation from the international organizations representing the three major sectors of the book industry.

An agreement was concluded among the partners that, after Madrid (2001), the subsequent capitals would be Alexandria in 2002 and New Delhi in 2003. Then, following public calls for candidatures, the Selection Committee gathered at UNESCO Headquarters and successively nominated the city of Antwerp (Belgium) for 2004, Montreal (Canada) for 2005, Turin (Italy) for 2006, Bogota (Colombia) for 2007, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) for 2008, Beirut (Lebanon) for 2009, Ljubljana (Slovenia) for 2010, Buenos Aires (Argentina) for 2011, Yerevan (Armenia) for 2012, Bangkok (Thailand) for 2013, and Port Harcourt (Nigeria) for 2014

Finally, The Selection Committee retained the candidature of the city of Incheon (Republic of Korea) as World Book Capital City 2015 on account of the quality of its programme.


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