2014-07-30 | News
Armenian High-school Students Offer Innovative Ideas

On Wednesday July 23, UNDPI staff members visited the Junior Achievements of Armenia Summer Camp in the beautiful resort city of Tsaghkadzor. They presented on United Nations themes, focusing on the International Year of Small Island Developing States, and entrepreneurship in a circular economy.

The Summer Camp consisted of 110 students, filling the presentation room with youth from from 11 regions, including Yerevan. Each student came from a different school. They may have not known each other well, but they worked together and collaborated in a week full of education and entrepreneurship. UNDPI Intern Danielle Saroyan said, “We were fortunate to be part of such an inspirational summer camp and be able to contribute and share the UN’s information for one of these days.”

The UNO/DPI Officer-in-charge Armineh Haladjian, Admin Assistant Araks Babayan and Outreach Coordinator Hasmik Sargsyan presented on facts about the United Nations and its themes, while finding out how much information these students already knew. They screened the animated film created by UNDPI interns called “See You!” Following the UN introduction were presentations on environmental issues focusing on water preservation, climate change, and the 2014 International Year of Small Island Developing States then organic and industrial waste products, renewable energy, and a circular economy. The students listened to the presentations, watched the videos, and were very engaged. They diligently answered questions asked and they were even more excited to ask their own. After the presentations, the students had the opportunity to demonstrate how much they learned.

Then the students were separated into 3 groups, with around 35 people in each. Their task was to team up and decide how to be an active citizen in their community with issues revolving around organic and industrial waste products and renewable energy while offering possible solutions. The goal was to include the youth in the decision making process of their community and figure out how to reuse the waste products with an entrepreneurial idea on how to efficiently recycle. One group suggested collecting all of the technical waste and submitting it to special companies or factories. Then, they will separate similar metals and materials, group them together, and ultimately recycle their findings. Another group proposed collecting organic waste and reusing it as compost that would turn into manure and later use it for agricultural purposes.

“I witnessed so many creative and bright ideas from these students who are only in high-school yet, and I can see how dedicated they are to any entrepreneurship exercise,” the OICsaid. “After observing their interest just today, I am sure they will pursue their relevant education and keep their questions coming!”

At the end of the day, UNDPI staff explained about the International Day of Friendship coming up on July 30 and encouraged the students to be part of the “Friends of United Nations” network. Before leaving, they distributed pins, flyers, posters, reading materials, and DVDs with more information about the United Nations and various agencies’ work so the youth can do more research in any subject in which they are interested.


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