2014-08-19 | News
We Need to Be Prepared to Humanitarian Work since Childhood

Today on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day “Armenian Red Cross Association”, “Spitak” and “Lore” Rescue Teams, “House of Hope” humanitarian center, “Mission Armenia” and “Mission East” organizations were awarded certificates of acknowledgement as “Humanitarian Heroes.” This honor was granted to them as an appreciation of long years of faithful humanitarian work in Armenia. The certificates were awarded during an official event that took place in the House of Culture in the city of Stepanavan. 

One of the “Humanitarian Heroes” was “Lore” Rescue Team – established in 1988 just after disastrous earthquake and still continuing to be a leader in the sphere. “The work of a rescuer, often not appreciated, is hard and risky”- says Armen Arakelyan, the commander of “Lore” Team. “We act in any emergency situation and are eager to use all of our capacities to help the affected any time. We do not consider ourselves heroes but it is pleasant to get appreciation.”

Ashot Sargsyan, the National Disaster Response Adviser for Armenia and Georgia of UN Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said: “The heroic staff members of humanitarian missions, who bravely move forward to help people in need, devotedly commit themselves to their work. We need to always remember and appreciate their dedicated work and not only on August 19.” 

The UNDPI Yerevan Office, in collaboration of World Vision Stepanavan ADP and the UN Corner in Stepanavan Central Library, had organized an outreach event for high school students of Stepanavan and seven surrounding communities. High school students participating in the event were hosted by “Lore” Rescue Team as well. Under the guidance of volunteers-rescuers the students participated in some basic rescue exercises. The UNDPI Yerevan office granted special certificates of “Friends of UN – Armenia” to four most active youth groups from Agarak, Gargar, Kurtan and Vardablur communities.”    

 “We are very excited to participate in this event organized by the UN in Armenia” – says Siranush from Vardablur community. “We still don’t know much about humanitarian work but participating in the social work of our communities we think that we also contribute to the humanitarian work.”

All the children - participants of the events received UN souvenirs and publications.

In 2008 the UN General Assembly designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day in commemoration of the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad in 2003, when 22 staff members lost their lives.

The “Friends of UN - Armenia” network is created by the UN DPI Yerevan office in March 2014, the members of which being primarily students and teachers of educational institutions, and coordinators of various educational programs.

The UN Corner in Stepanavan was established in 2013 and is one of the 12 corners that host UN publications and events.

See the photo gallery of the events here.

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