2011-04-28 | News
English Language Day was Observed at the UN Office in Armenia

Today students, university professors, authorities, diplomats and journalists learned about the use of the English Language at the UN during a first ever observation of the English Language Day in Armenia.

The event was organized by the UN Department of Public Information (UNDPI) jointly with the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Embassy of the United States of America, the Embassy of India, the NGO “Young Translators Union” and with the  support of  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

The Ambassadors and the diplomats of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America and India welcomed the guests, spoke about the importance of the English language for the UN and in their respective countries.

UN Department of Public Information Representative in Armenia, Maria Dotsenko said: “I am delighted to see the strong interest among Armenians for English Language Day at the UN.  I hope that the celebration will further expand the influence of English as one of the UN languages and provide an opportunity for more people to learn about its contribution to the multilingualism within the UN.”

The event included a Puppet performance – interviews with the Ambassadors and the UN DPI Representative, and a Spelling Bee Words contest organized by the Peace Corps volunteers. The members of the NGO “Young Translators Union” made presentations on: “English Language in the World and in Armenia”, as well as on the English version of the UN ( website.

English Language Day at the UN is celebrated on 23 April, the date traditionally observed as the birthday of William Shakespeare.  Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish are the six official languages of the United Nations.

Starting in 2010, the United Nations Department of Public Information in New York has announced the launch of “Language Days at the United Nations”, a new initiative which seeks to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity. The UNDPI Yerevan Office is planning to mark all official languages of the UN throughout 2011.

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