Manja Henriette Ahrens


United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Tel: (37410) 58 01 74
Fax: (37410) 54 38 10

Ms. Henriette Ahrens took up her position as the Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Armenia on 13 October 2011.

After finalizing German Abitur, Ms. Ahrens studied music therapy and cultural anthropology (graduation 1987 and 1988). In 1993 she moved to Brasilia, Brazil and started Master’s Degree Programme in Clinical Psychology with focus on community psychology. In 1996 Ms. Ahrens graduated Master’s degree course from State University in Brasilia and presented theses on gender aspects of identity development in adolescents; the research project focused on the development of gender sensitive prevention programmes.

Ms. Ahrens’ most recent assignment was with UNICEF Headquarter, New York as a Senior Advisor (Government Relations) Public-Sector Alliances and Resource Mobilization Officer. She was responsible to establish and maintain high-level contact and develop fundraising strategies for government donors with emphasis on European OECD-DAC members and accountable for monitoring global trends in development cooperation and aid and develop policy papers and guidelines to enhance government relations.

In 2006 she also worked for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Maputo Mozambique and was responsible to guide the design and implementation of counselling and testing programme in Mozambique providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health of Mozambique, drafting of counselling and testing programmes and other public health policies.

From 1998 till 2005 Ms. Ahrens worked for the National HIV/Aids Programme in the Brazilian Ministry of Health, Brasilia, Brazil heading and coordinating the prevention programme; responsible for formulation of public health policies and implantation of capacity building programmes for health workers; concluded specialization in public health; established close links with World Bank and UN Funds and Programmes.

During the period from 1989 till 1992 Ms. Ahrens performed operational research in Guatemala, Central America and entered UNICEF as assistant programme officer for child protection responsible for monitoring child protection programmes in Central America.

In 1988 she worked with Dutch NGO linked to Utrecht University in Guatemala to set up and administer student exchange programme between Europe and Central America.

During 1997 Ms. Ahrens performed consultancies with UN agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF).

Ms. Henriette Ahrens is German. She is fluent in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch and understands and reads French. Ms. Ahrens has two sons 17 and 19 years old.

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