The UN Depository Library of Yerevan State University

The United Nations Publications Board on the 12th of December , 1995, designated the Yerevan State University Library in Yerevan, Armenia, as a United Nations depository to receive printed material of the United Nations and masthead documents of the Economic Commission for Europe in English and Russian, beginning with the date of designation.


The Yerevan State University and its library
were founded in 1919. It has exchange programmes with more than 79 universities throughout the world. The University library has a collection of more than 3 million volumes of monographs, periodicals, and maps. It also has several specialized museums. The United Nations collection has a status of special collection and will be housed separately.


The depository mail code is: Library (DL - 348)

Yerevan State University
Alex Manoogian St.1
Yerevan 375049, Armenia
Tel. (3741) 55 13 34



The UN Depository Library of the National Library of Armenia

The National Library of Armenia (NLA) is the second UN depository library in Armenia. It was designated UN depository library in February 1997 and began to operate in September the same year on the basis of the UNDPI donated collection of UN materials. For a long time this collection was in the Periodicals Reading Hall. The World Bank depository fund was also in the same space. Since then, the NLA deposited about 3000 UN materials: books, journals, statistical, and reference materials. They are in English, Russian, and Armenian.

Considering the greater number of users in NLA compared to the UN House Reference Library, the UN RC allocated funds for the renovation of a new reading hall as UN Depository at NLA. Now NLA has a newly designed and user-friendly reading room, which houses the UN special stock as a separate unit of the Service Department of the Library. It is also planed to use the Depository Library for training sessions, round table discussions, and thematic exhibitions related with UN.

The National Library of Armenia (NLA) was established in 1919 and was named the Alexander Miasnikian State Library until July 1990. With around 6,150,000 items, it is the largest library of Armenian books in the world. The library acquires published Armenian works and foreign language publications in all scientific fields with a special emphasis on the humanities. Since 1925, it has gained depository right to a copy of every item published in Armenia.

NLA is both a research and a public library, serving mostly scientists, researchers, and students. Located in the center of Yerevan, it has over 400 employees, of which 127 are professional librarians, who serve about 40,000 users and 740 interlibrary partners every year. About half of them are students. In order to serve readers better, 13 specialized reading rooms and other conveniences have been provided. Photocopying is available, and the library is equipped with microform readers and CD-ROM equipment.


The depository mail code is: Library (DL - 353)


National Library of Armenia
Terian 72
Yerevan 375009, Armenia      
Tel. (37410) 584259; 563770 
Fax: (37410) 529711

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