2012-11-17 | News
Armenian Youth Learns more about UN at the Model UN Conference

Students improved their knowledge of the UN values, as well as their negotiation and communication skills at the Model UN Conference simulating a debate at the UN Security Council on issue of Palestine membership to the UN. The conference was held today at the Yerevan State University (YSU).

The event was jointly organized by the UN Department of Public Information and the Yerevan State University in the framework of the Plan for Cooperation between the UNDPI and the YSU. The Conference is dedicated to the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the International Day of Tolerance.

Prior to the Model UN Conference, training sessions were held to further educate the participants on the UN values, the functions and structure of the UN Security Council as well as its Rules of Procedures. An experienced trainer from the Armenian UN Association and two other experts guided the participants’ research and distributed specially designed guidelines.

The participants were briefed on the positions of the UN Security Council Member States concerning the membership of Palestine to the UN. They learnt not only about the issue of Palestine membership and its sensitivities and functioning of the UN bodies, but also about the art of negotiations, multi-lateral diplomacy, and got relevant information that assisted them to properly represent their respective countries’ positions during the simulation.

Maria Dotsenko, Representative of the UNDPI Office in Armenia said: “You learned a lot about UN Security Council functioning and UN values, while working with trainers and researching independently in groups. Ability to negotiate, find compromises and build consensus and tolerate opposite points of view, is useful for your future careers and will help you to be more active members of your communities.”

Ruben Markosyan from the Yerevan State University said: “We appreciate our fruitful cooperation with the UN. I am impressed with our students’ passion and enthusiasms with which they approach research and debates, the dedication they bring to drafting their comprehensive statement and the spirit of international diplomacy with which they approach their fellow delegates.”

At the end of the day all participants received certificates of appreciation and awards.

Model UN Conferences simulate the UN bodies during which participants represent different UN Member States and discuss issues of global importance. The models enjoy great popularity among youth in many UN Member States as well as in Armenia. Participants do research on proposed mock study cases, present their respective country statements, learn to find consensus, discuss their positions and negotiate a joint resolution.


The UN Department of Public Information is the public voice of the UN and the principal source of information about the United Nations system. It promotes global awareness and greater understanding of the work of the UN.

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