2008-10-14 | News
UN Development Work and Partnership Projects with Diaspora Presented at AIWA 5th International Conference

On 9-12 November 2008 Ms. Consuelo Vidal, UN RC/UNDP RR participated in the 5th international conference of Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA), which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Delegations from 15 countries attended the conference, among them the RA Minister of Diaspora Affairs Hranush Hakobyan, Ms. Gohar Sargsyan wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Ms. Donna Evans wife of the former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans, widow of Hrant Dink Rakel Dink and others.

AIWA was founded in Boston in 1990 by women convinced of the need for a new Armenian organization made up of women, governed by women, and focused on the interests and needs of women. The main goals of the Association are to establish contacts with women’s organizations, both Armenian and non-Armenian, in the United States, in Armenia, and around the world, and provide a forum for dialogue and discussion on issues of interest to Armenian women in the fields of education, social welfare, culture, and business. The Association seeks to unite creative women of three generations, diverse in interests and academic backgrounds, to build an organization without alignment to any political or religious group. AIWA is an accredited NGO affiliated with the United Nations and promotes knowledge of the United Nations, its programs and activities.

During the session on Armenia-Diaspora projects, the head of the United Nations in Armenia presented the development work of the UN in Armenia, development challenges that the country faces and the programmes undertaken by the UN to respond to these challenges. In particular, Ms. Vidal stressed the role of the UN as a development partner specifying the main advantages of the UN in Armenia, such as being a development organization. It has an already established infrastructure and operational capacity in the country, proven implementation capacity to achieve results, international standards for financial management, accounting, procurement and human resources management, transparency and accountability. She also briefed the participants of the forum on a new UN “Global Armenia” initiative and TOKTEN program, which are aimed to facilitate and enhance the Diaspora’s engagement in Armenia’s development projects and support in sharing Diaspora knowledge, skills and expertise acquired in host countries for the benefit of Armenia.

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