2009-05-23 | News
Developing export consortia in Armenia

At the request of the Armenian Development Agency, UNIDO has conducted a fact finding mission on 18-23 May to assess the interest of the private sector to develop export consortia. Export consortia are voluntary alliance of firms with the objectives of promoting the exports of goods and services of its members through jointly organized marketing activities.

Examples of joint activities include: market research, participation to fairs, invitation of foreign buyers, collective purchasing of inputs and services such as transportation and banking, etc.  By cooperating with other firms within an export consortium, enterprises can effectively penetrate and increase their share of foreign markets, at reduced cost and risk.

Ms. Anahit Symonian, Head of UNIDO Operation in Armenia and Mr. Fabio Russo, from UNIDO private sector development branch in Vienna have met several associations such as the Union of  Manufacturers and Businessmen (UMBA) of Armenia, Armenia Exporters’ Association, the Union of IT Enterprises, the association of cheese producers among others. A very strong interest has been indicated by all these associations to work with UNIDO in promoting export consortia among their members.

Based on the successful model of promoting export consortia developed in Italy and Spain, UNIDO has been adapted this approach to various countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Peru, Uruguay and India among others.

UNIDO assistance includes:
•    Supporting the creation of export consortia in different sectors;
•    Training national promoters of export consortia;
•    Promoting the introduction of an incentive scheme for export consortia.

UNIDO is a specialized technical agency of the United Nations system, which provides technical expertise and consultancy. The challenge is therefore to identify a donor willing to finance a project to promote export consortia in Armenia with UNIDO technical assistance.

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