2009-07-01 | News
United Nations, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs Launch National UN Volunteers Scheme

UN agencies, government, non-governmental organizations, universities and the private sector in Armenia can now benefit from recruiting local young professionals through a National United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Scheme launched today by the United Nations and the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Armenia.

“Through the launch of the initiative in Armenia, the United Nations aims to complement national capacity development efforts especially for the delivery of social services in the regions of Armenia,” said Ms. Consuelo Vidal, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative.

The National UNV Scheme presents a unique opportunity to local young professionals to work under the aegis of the United Nations and further master their knowledge and skills, thus turning into valuable agents of change.
A decision adopted by the National UNV Scheme’s Steering Committee that includes   UNDP, UNHCR, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, Armenian Red Cross, Professionals for Civil Society establishes two categories of UN Volunteers -- National UNV Specialists (persons above 25 years old with some work experience in a related area) and National UNV Community Exchange Workers (persons above 21 years old with secondary education and related technical skills).

Selection of National UN Volunteers will be done on the basis of a roster maintained and regularly updated by UNDP and requests submitted by NGOs, UN agencies, government, universities and the private sector. Selected National UN Volunteers will be paid by institutions hosting them and will benefit from an international insurance scheme.
“The use of the National UN Volunteers will enhance human resources development and strengthen the pool of expertise and knowledge in Armenia,” UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative emphasized.

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