2009-07-28 | News
FAO launches Abattoir Development Project in Armenia

FAO has started the project “Support for Abattoir Development in Armenia”, (GCP/ARM/004/GRE). The project is one of the areas of co-operation between the Armenian and Greek governments in agricultural development.

The project is based on the findings of the technical mission fielded in 2007 by the FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division for abattoir development and the provision of safe meat for consumers.

In order to establish a strong technical framework the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO reviewed the situation in the abattoir sector and made recommendations for abattoir improvement with the view to improving public health and ensuring the safety and quality of meat for consumers. Particular emphasis was also placed on abattoir improvements and meat inspection, given its essential role in animal disease identification and notification. Project activities are based on the findings of that mission which were developed and agreed with the Ministry of Agriculture in Armenia.

The project was officially approved by the Greek Government in February 2009 with a budget of US$ 1.6 million and will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO over a period of three years.

The mid-term objective is to enable the livestock development institutions, both private and public, to effectively improve the safety and quality of meat and meat products.

The project immediate objectives include a set up of four model marz level slaughterhouses, support to develop the capacity of national institutions and service providers to undertake activities related to sustainable meat sector development and institutionalize the skills, capacities and procedures used in all aspects of meat sector development.

The project will go into partnership with the private sector as a high level of private sector interest was confirmed during the formulation mission including a strong willingness to invest in abattoir facilities under a private-public partnership arrangement.

An inception mission of the project is currently in Armenia will and is composed of FAO Officers: Mr Anthony Bennett, Dairy and Meat Officer, Mr Nedzad Ajanovic, Field Programme Officer, and Mr Lalaina Raveomanantsoa, Legal consultant. The implementation work-plan and modalities will be discussed with Armenian government officials.

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