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2012-04-17 | News

Students of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University will have access to more information on UN values and UN work in Armenia, since a UN Corner was launched today in the library of the university.

2012-04-13 | News

Armenian youth learned more about usage of Chinese Language at the United Nations and about multilingualism at the UN during the celebration of the Day of the Chinese Language at the UN, which was conducted today.

2012-04-10 | News

An art exhibition which promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment and is dedicated to the National Motherhood Day was opened today in the UN House.

2012-04-05 | News

Within the framework of the “Apricot Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization” project implemented by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, establishment of Armenian apricot collection orchard was initiated

2012-04-02 | News

Students’ art exhibition aimed to raise public awareness on the protection of birds and biodiversity, which was dedicated to the Bird Day and the UN Decade of Biodiversity was opened today.

2012-03-29 | News

Dafina Gercheva, UN Resident Coordinator urges the Armenians to join people of the planet and to turn off non-essential lights on Saturday night, 31 March at 8:30 pm to observe Earth Hour.

2012-03-22 | News

Students, university professors, authorities, diplomats and journalists learned more about use of the French Language at the UN during the observation of the French Language Day at the UN organized today.

2012-03-16 | News

Some 40 young civil society activists and students of Yerevan universities learned more about gender related issues at the debate led by Jemma Hasratyan, well known expert on gender issues, president of the "Association of Women with University Education" NGO.

2012-03-14 | News

UNICEF and Youth for Achievements NGO launched today - the first website to promote child participation in Armenia.

2012-03-13 | News

The United Nations Resident Coordinator, UNICEF Representative in Armenia together with Minister of Education and Sciences and Minister of Emergency Situations handed over awards to principals of schools that won in a nationwide contest to develop a school disaster preparedness plan.

2012-03-05 | News

An art exhibition/sale which promotes gender equality and is dedicated to the International Women's Day was opened today in the UN House.

2012-02-24 | News

UNICEF and the Government of Armenia convened today a high-level conference to discuss integrated social services model as a way to reduce poverty and ensure full access of the most vulnerable families to social support and protection services.

2012-02-21 | News

More than 30 experts discussed development and role of the Armenian language in the modern world at the event held today at the UN Armenia Office.

2012-02-13 | News

United Nations Organization has announced  "Art for Peace" Contest which is sponsored by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and the Harmony for Peace Foundation.

2012-02-08 | News

Some 60 young Armenians learned more about freedom of religion, faith and belief religious tolerance and diversity, freedom of conscience and human rights at the debate led by well known human rights defender Avetik Ishkhanyan, Chairman of the Armenian Helsinki Committee.

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