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2011-11-24 | News

UNO/DPI Yerevan office organized several educational outreach lectures both for high-school and university students under the general title UN4U.

2011-11-23 | News

Armenian public further strengthened understanding of tolerance, peace and other UN values at the art exhibition dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance which was opened today in the UN House.

2011-11-02 | News

As the world population clock ticks past 7 billion, alarm bells are ringing. The gathering force of public protests is the popular expression of an obvious fact: that growing economic uncertainty, market volatility and mounting inequality have reached a point of crisis.

2011-11-01 | News

Today, the Day of 7 Billion was marked with the birth of the symbolic 7 billionth child at Artik Mother and Child Healthcare Center. The honoring event was initiated by  UNFPA Armenia country office and the Institute of Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Representatives from Artik Municipality, Shirak Marzpetaran Healthcare Department, Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as journalists and residents of Artik participated in the event.

2011-10-31 | News

On October 27th 2011, within the framework of the celebrations of 66th anniversary of the UN and UN Week in Armenia, UN Department of Public Information and the Armenian National Library’s “Bibliobus” visited five universities in Yerevan distributing to students and university libraries UN publications.

2011-10-24 | News

The United Nations in Armenia together with its partners - government officials, representatives of the diplomatic community, international organizations, civil society, and media celebrates the UN Day and marks the 66th anniversary of the organization through the UN Week (20-27 October).

2011-10-20 | News

Photo exhibition “United Colors”, dedicated to the UN Day, which inaugurated the beginning of UN Week (20-26 October) in Armenia, was opened today in the UN House.

2011-10-19 | News

An estimated 35 percent of people in the post-socialist countries of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) are excluded from society, ranging from 12 percent of the population in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to 72 percent in Tajikistan.

2011-10-19 | News

Today, at Yerevan “Best Western Congress” Hotel, UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office with support of International Center for Human Development organized a press conference devoted to “7 Billion: Balance, Rights and Equity” three-day regional expert meetings launched the same day.

2011-10-17 | News

A photo exhibition "Eradication of Poverty after 20 years of independence" dedicated to the International Day of Poverty Eradication, which was organized by the Oxfam and the UNDP, UN Department of Public Information and the Food and Agriculture Organization was opened today at the UN House.

2011-10-14 | News

In the Armenian Farmers’ First International “ARMAGROFORUM” held today the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia marked the World Food Day by awarding FAO medals to representatives of the Armenian food and agriculture sector for their considerable contribution to the field. This year it coincides with the celebration of the “Armenian Agrarian Worker Day”.

2011-10-14 | News

He World Food Programme (WFP) today marks World Food Day by highlighting the vital role that food assistance plays during humanitarian crises, supporting recovery in the immediate aftermath of disasters, and building the resilience that is necessary to ensure food security.

2011-10-14 | News

The UN Department of Public Information Office in Armenia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized a Model UN Conference simulation of the Caucasus Regional Meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on the theme “Reduction of green-house gases in the Caucasus as a result of multilateral regional cooperation”. The conference was held today in Yerevan.

2011-10-11 | News

Students, authorities, civil society and international community representatives, and journalists discussed the use of the Spanish Language at the UN during a first ever observation of the Spanish Language Day in Armenia.

2011-10-10 | News

On the 10th of October 2011, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Armenia, jointly colleagues and partners, the civil society, school-children and refugees, marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Fridtjof Nansen, the first High Commissioner for Refugees in the League of Nations.

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