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The United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) is the public voice of the UN and the principal source of information about the United Nations system. It promotes global awareness and greater understanding of the work of the UN, using various communication tools including press, electronic and new media. It was established in 1946.

At present, there are 63 Information Centres, Services and Offices, which are part of the Department of Public Information. They are key to the Organization's ability to reach the peoples of the world and to share the United Nations story with them in their own languages. 

By translating information materials into local languages, engaging opinion-makers, organizing events to highlight issues or observances and leading and advising the UN Country Teams (UNCT) in implementation of communications strategies, the network of UN DPI Offices, Services and Centers is one of the main vehicles through which the UN tells its story.

UN DPI in Armenia

The UN DPI Office in Armenia (UN DPI) was established in Yerevan in 1992 and is one of 63 UN Information Centres, Services and Offices worldwide.

Besides its global mandate, and in accordance with the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), UN DPI Armenia leads the implementation of the UN Country Team’s (UNCT) communications strategy.  The strategy is aimed to promote UNCT work, assisting efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, engaging public in a dialogue on the UN core values, including human rights standards, organizing the commemoration of UN observances, arranging thematic exhibitions and promoting the media interest to the UN activities. 

The UN DPI provides expert advice to the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes regarding communications and public information activities. The UN DPI leads the UN Communication Group which works to increase public understanding, support and engagement in UN work in Armenia

The UN DPI, working in close coordination with its local partners, reaches out to the national and regional authorities, civil society, media and educational institutions, engages in strategic partnerships around the country in bringing the core messages of the UN to the people in Armenia.

To reach a wider Armenian audience, UN DPI has prepared over 150 translated and locally produced UN multi-media materials in Armenian and disseminates them to all interested partners, including participants of different events, state and non-governmental organizations, libraries and educational institutions.

The UN DPI staff, together with their colleagues from other UN institutions, regularly conduct debates and outreach lectures for students in Yerevan and other parts of Armenia. The Office maintains UN Corners housed in universities of Yerevan and cities around the country. These Corners serve as the direct source of information about UN and are used to promote youth interest to the UN values and work.

The UN DPI is in charge of the bilingual website of the UN Country Team in Armenia (, and is engaged in the dialogue with public via social media.  Together with the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, universities, UN Association and other partners  the UN DPI organizes Model UN Conferences, where youth simulates the work of different UN bodies.

The UN DPI Office also maintains two UN depository libraries, hosted by the Yerevan State University and the National Library. The Office regularly updates their stock and trains their staff. Traveling around Armenia with the Bibliobus of the National Library, UN DPI distributes UN publications to libraries and educational institutions around the country.


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